30 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi


Children Hub in Sultan Mahmud Dam


In my project, I created the place that enables people to perceive the forest better. The reason of choosing the rope as a material is being natural and it is as well as divider. The forest and the trees are always visible from the rope that creates partial gaps.  Black colour of rope contributes to perceive the environment. This idea also makes leaves, tress and the sky clearer behind the black rope. Addition to divider, the rope can be used as a surface and a roof. In some part of places, that are created by using the rope, transform to 3d solids. Strong places are created due to the property of rope that has tensile strengths. Wood columns, which are used to stretch the rope, are transformed to rooms. The reason of using wood as only vertical is that it doesn’t decrease the rope's power of creating space. Using wood as a divider wall because of that they are clearer material than rope.  

Sultan Mahmud Dam in Belgrad Forest

                                                  The space that surrounding by high trees

Site model 1/500

Cycling in Belgrad

Experience the Forest 

27 Ekim 2013 Pazar

Designing surface

Skeleton to walk on is formed by rope through perforated steel column. Flexible surface to sit on is created by braiding on skeleton.

(1/50 Modelling)